It is known that human being need company, but he’s not always surrounded by the same people among their family. Most of the time a person passes more time with a co-worker or at school rather than with their parents, kids or brothers. Friendship and interest changes, while human being grows. When children are small, […]

Trees are our Best Resources.

Trees are a group of columns of different size, that gives life to our ecosystem and also to us. If we plant a column, we are planting life, knowledge and also extending our kids and grand’s life time on earth. Without trees, little by little the human and animal life, simply will be shortened, and […]

Why do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  We all know that on February 14th, love and friendship day is cebrated, but how many of us really know what is means? During the 3rd. Century young people in Rome were not allowed to get married, because they had no idea about responsibilities within a marriage, however, there was a priest called Valentin […]

Our, pets the new family member

Our, pets the new family member Everyone say that dogs are men’s best friend, however we realize that today dogs take the role of kids due to the huge number of situation that prevent procreation or the adoption of children. That’s the reason why many people have found love, affection, comfort and much joy in […]

Spending Time With your Kids

[fluid][html ] Spending time with your kids. On many occasions as parents we make the mistake of thinking that the only thing that our kids need are material things, or the classic phrase ” I”ll give them what I didn’t have.” We ignore that what really value are those memories we left for them , […]

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