It is known that human being need company, but he’s not always surrounded by the same people among their family.

Most of the time a person passes more time with a co-worker or at school rather than with their parents, kids or brothers.

Friendship and interest changes, while human being grows. When children are small, they play with any kid that get close to them. But when they become teenagers, their interest in friendship varies , because they are not thinking in playing only, but also they want to make a link with someone who has something in common with them.

Most of all if there are toys around, because their relationship is not deep their main objective is to play.

There are tree (3) kind of friends, ca9sual, close and soul friends. The book I read, said that the first group are those whom we share with, young groups, football team, etc. The second group, are those who you share with even more, going to the movie, to the park and even sleeping at their home sometimes.
The third group I’ ll call them, my soul friends. They’re really close. You’ll usually share only important issues with them. These friends also influence deeply in everything about you. That’s why when you make a choice, be conscious of the consequences of having a soul friend.

With time you’ll notice friends complement each other, also if you are not good at something, friends will be there to support you and viceversa. They are like canes or shoulders you can cry or laugh on.

So if there’s someone who you think fulfills this space in your heart, make sure:
* Will listen to you when you need to talk
* Will give you an advise, even though you don’t want to hear it or think it´s enough
* Opinions regarding different topics will be exchanged, that strengthens friendship
* Your secrets are safe with this person, they will not tell anyone
* Always sticks to your side no matter which other friends are with them
* That person who wipes your tears or hugs in moment of pain

At the end, you’ll take a tour of your life, and all what you remember will make you smile with beautiful memories of those who walked by your side during the journey of life.

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