Our, pets the new family member

Everyone say that dogs are men’s best friend, however we realize that today dogs take the role of kids due to the huge number of situation that prevent procreation or the adoption of children.
That’s the reason why many people have found love, affection, comfort and much joy in the formation of their family.

Many studies explain that dogs become a comfort and sometimes they help release stress, they are an example for kids, because sometimes they teach them to love, and they’re really engage. Some dogs cooperate with responsibilities at home and they are helpful for those who are getting old and even a guide for those who are blind.

That’s the reason why, it is good to understand that dogs are no longer a simple pets that helps take care of a house or receive congratulation for barking. or haven’t done a good job or simply urinated or done his mess on the carpet.

It is not only to give them food and water they also need special care to take them for a walk, show them the affection, give them a good life and keep them healthy.

That’s why my recommendations are:
◦ Keep your pets clean.
◦ Include a daily routine not only of changing food and water but also exercise.
◦ Give your pet affection because you”ll receive that love in return.4
◦ Fulfill the responsibility of going to the veterinarian periodically.
◦ Have your vaccinations up to date.
◦ Play with your pet daily.
◦ Correct him with love.
◦ If your dog is very small, it is as if he were a baby who sleeps a lot and eats and wants to play with you even during the early morning.
◦ Include your children in the responsibilities related to the dog.

If you do not have a dog, but you have a cat, hamster, ferret or even a pig or any animal as a pet, this also applies to you.

Give all the love and affection you can. Because it may be in many occasions closer than a family member and you’ll have it for the rest of your life.

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