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Spending time with your kids. On many occasions as parents we make the mistake of thinking that the only thing that our kids need are material things, or the classic phrase ” I”ll give them what I didn’t have.” We ignore that what really value are those memories we left for them , which will be an important part of the rest of their lives. Once someone said that he does not understand why you have to spend on a birthday cake if you have to cut it. But it’s not the cost of the cake, it’s the memory that this will leave and the joy that we feel, when it comes to your mind. Parents are mirrors for their kids and they often repeat their pattern. This is the main reason way parents must put aside
whatever does not create good memories and focus on the construction of what they’ll always remember.
Some benefits we want to share with you from spending time with your children are: – Helps release stress and tension.
– Raise self-esteem, confidence and security.
-Increase mutual knowledge and family communication.
– It generates reciprocal learning: they learn from us and we learn from them.
– It helps develop social skills.
– It improves a family environment and a better understanding.
– It Promotes a physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of your kids. Playing in the backyard with your kids, could be the best adventure for them.
Maybe it could be an insignificant moment for you, but it will be a survival experience for your kids. Or an inspiration for their future career. The next time you look at your kids, see them as a unique treasure of values and principles which you have taught them. And they”ll pass this knowledge to their generation. Finally, spending time with your family will be a cane that will support you when your children are no longer by your side.

It’s like the time you have passed with your family and your kids. It wasn’t only a job or a special moment for then to remember. But those. Memories, will bring joy to your life now and when you become old.


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