Trees are a group of columns of different size, that gives life to our ecosystem and also to us. If we plant a column, we are planting life, knowledge and also extending our kids and grand’s life time on earth.
Without trees, little by little the human and animal life, simply will be shortened, and reduced to suffering , years after years , because most of the climate changes due to the lack of care of nature.
It’s not the fact of studing a carrer to learn how to keep them, It’s only necesary to know what we want for us and those who are coming behine.
We only have to value what we have and acknowlege the benefits receved from these resourses.

Due to the trees, soil erosion is prevented, we have fruit, food. Truly we gain more benefits than disanvanteges. Also the human race should try to revert the damage caused to nature.
Teach our kids how important it is to keep the trees and to have them undestand that: cutting trees down is not a solution for humanity and it’s a damage that can not be reverted.
Let them be awear that for each tree that we cutdown threre must be five (5) new trees planted. A tree become an adult after five years, some takes less time, however surprisingly we are deforesting daily .
Due to this consider the following benefits :
-Countaract the climate changes.
– Clean air.
– Provide oxygen.
– Refresh the streets and cities.
– They conserve the. energy.
– Prevent the contamination of the waters.
– Trees help prevent the soil erosion.

Let’s change our mentallity. We must offer our world more life time, giving it love with what we do daily.
Plant trees, build vegetation, and we’ll raise awareness.

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