We all know that on February 14th, love and friendship day is cebrated, but how many of us really know what is means?

During the 3rd. Century young people in Rome were not allowed to get married, because they had no idea about responsibilities within a marriage, however, there was a priest called Valentin who thought this was not all true o correct and decided not to obey this order.

The emperor ordered his arrest, execution and for him to be tormented since he didn’t not follow the rules, despite all of what occurred, the beliefs of this brave man, were never forgotten.

Either way, no matter why you celebrate this day, do it with love and passion, show your love and appreciation to people, the world needs more of this.

If you consider this day as a special one, make that beloved person feel what they really are for you by giving them a gift. Just forget about the price and make it have an explosive and unforgettable effect.

Don’t forget every day is special to show your appreciation to the beloved one’s.

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